28-30/08/2024 DAEMON MEETING 

DAEMON core group + WG1 + WG2 + WG5 meeting will take place on 28-30/08/2024 at the TU Delft The Hague Campus, Bezuidenhoutseweg 63, 2594 AC, The Hague.

Pending availability of funding, there are a few available spots to attend in person. If you have not yet received an invitation, and you are interested in attending the event in person, inform the Action Chair and elaborate about your past and expected future contribution to the Action objectives and ongoing activities (e.g. “WG1 – Data Publishing Standards and Policy” or “WG5 – Training database crowdsourcing”).  

The aim of the meeting is to wrap-up Year 1 activities, identify opportunities for improvement, and draft actionable plans  for the next year and the successive ones.

Preliminary programme:


  • 3.00pm-5.00pm – year 1 activity wrap-up (core group only


  • 9.15am-10.45am – year 1 activity wrap-up (core group only
  • 10.45am-11.15am – welcome and coffee 
  • 11.15am-12.30am – year 1 reflection on successes, challenges, next steps  
  • 12.30pm-2.00pm – lunch  
  • 2.00pm-3.15pm – presentations from DAEMON members (TBD) 
  • 3.15pm-3.45pm – break 
  • 3.45pm-5.00pm – presentations from “External” members (TBD) 
  • 5.00pm-6.00pm – drinks and informal networking 


  • 9.30am-12pm – year 2 activity planning 
  • 12pm-1pm – lunch 
  • 1pm-3.00pm – year 2 activity development (group work in small teams)