Open Calls

DAEMON and COST aim at fostering an inclusive research excellence. To this end, three instruments exist:
Short-term scientific mission (STSM) Grants, allows scientists to visit organisations and institutions in a country different from the one of their affiliation for the purpose of training, collaboration, and exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise, especially those between groups developing methodology and working on applications, to expedite knowledge transfer, facilitate breakthroughs and increase technological impact.
ITC Conference Grants, which are aimed at supporting Early Career Investigator (individuals <40 years old) and PhD students from participating (primary affiliation) ITC and Near Neighbour Countries (NNC) to attend related conferences, events or conduct activities on the topic of the Action that are not organised by the COST Action.
Dissemination Grants, which should significantly increase the visibility of the Action in the research community, but also contributes to increasing the visibility of the presenter. The grantee should also seek to attract additional participants and stakeholders and disseminate Action results to relevant end-users at international conferences in the field on a topic relevant to the Action.

Evaluation criteria

The Core Group will use the following criteria for ranking the proposals:

  • Contribution to the objectives and deliverables of the DAEMON action
  • Scientific relevance
  • Geographical inclusiveness (the ITC classification is according to the affiliation of the candidate)
  • Gender balance, career stage, and previous funding through this COST Action

To optimize the use of the available budget, the Grant Awarding Coordinator or the Core Group may propose a reduction of the total amount granted to an individual application. 

Visit the corresponding sub-pages in this section for a detailed overview of the application process.