Action Chair: Kevin Rossi

Kevin is an Assistant Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of TU Delft.

His research leverages numerical simulations and machine learning models to overcome complex challenges in the design of safe and secure materials for green energy and sustainable chemistry.

Action Vice Chair and Grant Holder Scientific Representative: Milica Todorović

Milica is an Assistant Professor of computational materials engineering at the University of Turku and the head of the Materials Informatics Laboratory group.

She combines artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, first-principles simulations and experimental data with the objective to optimise functional materials and their performance in devices.

Science Communication Coordinator: Federico Grasselli

Federico is Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Computational Science and Modeling at the Institute of Materials of EPFL.

His research focuses on the theory of heat and charge transport and on the combination of physical insights and machine learning to simulate transport phenomena in energy materials and matter at extreme conditions.

Grant Awarding Coordinator: Ivor Lončarić

Ivor is a Research Associate in the Division of Theoretical Physics at the Ruder Bošković Institute.

His research is dedicated to the modelling of materials from first principles, with an expanding focus on leveraging the capabilities of machine learning methods to facilitate the modelling and design of increasingly complex materials.