Dissemination Grant

Applicants must submit their applications for a Dissemination Grant online through the COST application form:

The following documents have to be provided:
– Application form (www.cost.eu/DisseminationConference_GrantApplication)
– Acceptance letter from the conference organizers (confirming either your speaking slot or your poster presentation)
– A copy of the abstract or poster submitted to the conference
– CV including selected publications
– For PhD and master students only: letter of support from their supervisor

The call to apply for any of these grants opens on 05/02/2024. The call is open until funding is available.
Grants will be awarded via a single rolling call with the decision within 30 days from the submission. 

The travel periods for Dissemination Grants should occur between 01/03/2024 and 01/09/2024 (to allow enough time for completion of the report and the subsequent reimbursement before the end of the yearly budget, on 31/10/2024).